Keeping players safe

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Aug. 26, 2020

On a summer morning before the heat wave hit, 81 football prospects split into groups of nine across the expanse of the Bullard Bowl. Taking no chances, my staff and I spaced cones 10 feet apart, the physical distance between each player. This would be the safe zone, the bubble, to begin training for a season that may never come. Read more >>

FUSD Liability Form 



For players to return to practice, please be sure to complete this Fresno Unified School District COVID-19 Liability of Risk Return to Goal 2 Engagement form.

FUSD COVID-19 Non-Medical Self-Screening Tool



Every player must ask the following questions at the beginning of every activity on campus:

  • Feeling fever, body aches, or chills?

  • Respiratory symptoms? (New or worsening short of breath, cough, or runny nose, sore throat or new loss of taste or smell)

  • Has anyone in your household been confirmed with COVID-19 in last 14 days?


If you answer 'yes' to any of the questions listed above, you are asked to remain home.

If student or employee has no fever and respiratory symptoms, they can participate/work AFTER washing their hands and need to follow social distancing, frequent hand hygiene and cleaning of their workspace throughout the workday.


Masking with cloth mask is recommended in non-clinical roles if student or employee participates/works around others (student or employees), and physical distancing (6 feet apart at all times) is not possible due to the nature of the work.

Reminder: Cloth masks are not as effective as physical distancing (6 feet apart).

Source: Fresno County Department of Public Health

COVID-19 Football Daily Rules and Regulations



  1. No waiver, no practice!

  2. Keep social distancing, even within your own pods. Stay 6 feet apart.

  3. Be sure to provide your own water for the 90-min workout.

  4. Coaches can no longer give rides to players.

  5. Workout clothes must be washed on a daily basis. Hand hygiene such as washing your hands before and after workout is required. 

  6. If you are showing any signs of symptoms - fever, cough, chills, body aches, runny nose, or sore throat - you are required to STAY HOME and notify all the coaches. Only after you receive a negative test will you be able to come back to workouts.

  7. Stay in your pods. Do NOT interact with other players in other pods.

  8. Arrive at your designated spot each day. Keep social distancing while waiting for your coach. Only go to the field when the coach leads you there.

  9. When the workout is finished, exit the school as quickly as possible.

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